Live eel fingerlings (3-12 cm).
Live eels (180-330 gr).
Live eels (600+ gr).

For quantities greater than 1,000 kg, live eels can be picked up in our farm by customers track.
For quantities of 200-1,000 kg, eels can be send by air in special packs of 10kg and for a trip duration of up to 48 hours.
Based on European Community and National legislation all the eel products of the species Anguilla anguilla are available only in the EU Member States.
Anguilla rostrata and Anguilla mossambica can be shiped all over the word.


Farmed Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fingerlings (0,5-1,0 gr).
Wild Mullet (Mugil cephalus) fingerlings (0,2-0,6 gr).

The fish fry can be shipped in special packages of 2 kg and for a trip duration up to 50 hours.